Case Study

Case Study: Ambraee Boosts Sales and Enhances Customer Engagement with Spur

Royal Tomar
October 25, 2023
-min read
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Case Study: Ambraee Boosts Sales and Enhances Customer Engagement with Spur

Ambraee is an online fashion retailer specializing in designer ethnic wear for women, including sarees, lehengas, kurtis, and suits. With a strong social media presence of over 407,000 followers on Instagram, Ambraee is constantly engaging with customers across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

To streamline their customer interactions and drive sales, Ambraee turned to Spur, an automation tool that integrates seamlessly with their Shopify store. In just 30 days, Spur has helped Ambraee generate significant results across multiple channels.

Impressive Sales and Revenue Growth with Spur

In a span of 30 days, Ambraee saw a total of 3082 conversations across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook supported by Spur, resulting in 18 additional orders and generating ₹70,764.8 in revenue. Here's the breakdown of these figures across the different messaging channels:

Instagram & Facebook

  • 1770 conversations
  • 5 additional IG followers
  • 7 additional orders
  • ₹33,683.4 in revenue generated
  • 113 queries collected
  • 80 collaboration leads collected


  • 1312 conversations
  • 11 additional orders
  • ₹37,081.4 in revenue generated

17x ROI of Spur for Ambraee

Ambraee is currently on Spur's Starter Plan, which costs $19/month and includes 1000 free conversations, with an additional charge of $0.015 per conversation after the first 1000. With a total of 3082 conversations, Ambraee paid $50.23 (₹4,152.01) for Spur's services.

In return, Spur helped Ambraee generate ₹70,764.8 in revenue, resulting in an impressive ROI of 17.04.

The Impact of Spur Automations on Ambraee's Messaging Channels

Instagram & Facebook

  1. Link Products: By linking posts, stories, and ads with products from their Shopify store, Ambraee has been able to provide instant answers to price-related queries, along with trackable product links. This has led to a 10% conversion rate of comments into sales.
  2. Chat Automation: Spur's chat automation has allowed Ambraee to efficiently handle repetitive and simple queries, while also collecting and forwarding complex queries to their brand agents for resolution.


  1. Broadcasts: Spur's broadcast feature enables Ambraee to send offers and updates to existing customers, keeping them informed and engaged with the brand.
  2. Abandoned Cart Recovery: Ambraee has been able to recover 15% of abandoned carts by sending personalized WhatsApp messages to remind customers of their unfinished purchases.
  3. Order Confirmation: Spur's order confirmation messages on WhatsApp ensure customers are promptly informed about their placed orders, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  4. Order Cancellation: WhatsApp messages are also sent to customers who cancel their orders, providing an opportunity to address any issues and potentially win back the sale.
  5. COD Order Confirmation: By sending WhatsApp messages for COD orders, Ambraee has been able to reduce their RTO rate by 40%.
  6. Shipping Updates: Keeping customers informed about the status of their orders through shipping update messages on WhatsApp has improved customer satisfaction.

Don't Wait, Leverage the Benefits of Spur Today

Spur has proven to be an invaluable tool for Ambraee, driving sales, enhancing customer engagement, and improving overall satisfaction.

Royal Tomar
October 25, 2023
-min read

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