How To Automate WhatsApp Messages With WhatsApp Business API?

Udit Agarwal
October 25, 2023
-min read
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In the last so many years, WhatsApp has evolved from a mere personal messaging app to a platform to market the business and create an engagement with customers.

With the launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018, small and medium businesses got to enjoy several marketing tools that are integrated into the Business app. WhatsApp Business can perform various activities like broadcast messaging, template messaging, and also WhatsApp automation.

Here in this article, we have mentioned what WhatsApp automation is and how to use it to support your chat marketing efforts.

What do you mean by WhatsApp automation?

WhatsApp automation refers to make the utilization of the WhatsApp Business app, WhatsApp API, and WhatsApp chatbots. All these can automate entire conversations and the flow of messaging.

These features are helpful for businesses to interact with customers at scale when the user is out of office hours and improve customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Business app is a free option, one can get access to the basic automation features that are compared to WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp API has more advanced automation features and capabilities which is more suitable for larger businesses.

Here are the types of WhatsApp API automation features:

Automated message flows: With the help of WhatsApp API, one can set up a custom message flow that is capable enough to increase the length of an entire conversation. Automated message flows are typically used for FAQs, auto-replies, or to reduce the lead response time while answering customers.

Automate sales and marketing processes: With the help of WhatsApp chatbots, one can automate the sales and marketing flows. The chatbots can be helpful in transmitting welcome messages, introducing your products and services, and sharing your WhatsApp business catalogue.

Automate proactive notifications: These notifications can send proactive messages using message templates to target customers. Some messages are inclusive of abandoned cart recovery, order confirmations, or payment reminders.

Automate IVR call deflection: This feature can redirect phone calls to WhatsApp. You can assign a number in your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that can be set to ask the user if they prefer to continue the conversation on WhatsApp or not. If the user opts in for the same service then they are automatically taken to WhatsApp to continue the conversation.

Here are some of the types of WhatsApp Business automation features:

Automate greeting messages: You can set up this generic message to auto-respond to new incoming chats or make communication with those who have no activity after 14 days.

Automate away messages: These messages can be set according to a schedule, such as the working hours. It is helpful for the users to inform the leads or customers that they have received messages.

Quick reply templates: This feature grants the permission to you to save and reuse messages frequently. You can customize several message templates that can be inserted into your chat box by using the assigned keyword after ‘/’.

Why automate WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with over 2 billion active users worldwide. WhatsApp offers much more than just text messages.

WhatsApp automation is allowing businesses to automate entire conversations which help customers in reducing response times, facilitate quick interactions, and many more.

With several automation features, WhatsApp automation can support businesses in their quest to engage with their customers better.

How to create the setup of automated WhatsApp message sending?

WhatsApp Business App

At the time utilizing the WhatsApp Business App, setting up semi-automated WhatsApp in a simple task to perform.

After the accomplishment of the setup, the users would be capable to create greeting messages, away messages, and quick reply templates.

When creating quick reply templates, it is essential to get familiar with some common questions that are generally asked by customers.

WhatsApp Business API

To access and make utilization of WhatsApp Business API, companies must either make a direct application with WhatsApp or work with a WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP).

One has to go through some of the guidelines and steps that are required for WhatsApp BSP.

Udit Agarwal
October 25, 2023
-min read

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