Template Weaver: Quicker way to generate quality WhatsApp Broadcast content

Rohan Rajpal
November 5, 2023
-min read
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Template Weaver: Quicker way to generate quality WhatsApp Broadcast content

Be the purple cow in the sea of similar broadcast campaigns

Broadcast campaigns are one of the most critical aspects of retention and push marketing. If done well, they get you tons of revenue, if not, you face a ton of 

Let's face it, if you're not leveraging WhatsApp Marketing in today's day and age, you're already missing out. But even if you are, you already might know that almost everyone has entered this game and competition is already increasing!

WhatsApp Templates: The backbone of a broadcast campaign & types of WhatsApp templates

To broadcast to users using the official WhatsApp Business API, you need to understand how WhatsApp templates work.

WhatsApp templates are getting complicated by the day, as of today, you can create one among the following WhatsApp templates

Carousel WhatsApp Templates

Source: Meta

Carousel templates allow you to send a single text message (1), accompanied by a set of up to 10 carousel cards (2) in a horizontally scrollable view:

Standard WhatsApp Templates

  1. These can have a media header. Media can be Image, Video or PDF
  2. Have a text body, which can have upto 10 variables. WhatsApp template variables are parts you can personalize
  3. CTAs. Can be a Quick Reply button, Link to a Website or Call a Phone number.

Coupon Code WhatsApp Templates

Coupon code templates are marketing templates that display a single copy code button. When tapped, the code is copied to the customer's clipboard.

Multi-Product Message WhatsApp Templates

Source: Meta

WhatsApp Catalog Templates

Catalog templates are marketing templates that allow you to showcase your product catalog entirely within WhatsApp. Catalog templates display a product thumbnail header image of your choice and custom body text, along with a fixed text header and fixed text sub-header.

Limited-Time Offer WhatsApp Templates

Limited-time offer templates allow you to display expiration dates and running countdown timers for offer codes in template messages, making it easy for you to communicate time-bound offers and drive customer engagement.

Authentication WhatsApp Templates

If your mobile app offers users the option to receive one-time passwords or verification codes via WhatsApp, you must use an authentication template.

Competition in WhatsApp Broadcasting

Competition in WhatsApp broadcasting is intense because of the popularity and widespread use of the platform. With millions of active users, businesses and individuals alike see the value in using WhatsApp as a broadcasting tool to reach a large audience. This high demand has led to a crowded market where numerous service providers and businesses are vying for attention and customers. To stand out in this competitive landscape, we've introduced Template Weaver 🪄 

How it works

Just type a prompt & watch your template come to life 📝

Want to add a personal touch? Easily add names, discounts, and more 👤✨

Bored of text headers? Switch to an eye-catching image 🖼️

Need to switch languages? Go from English to Hindi in a snap 🌐


WhatsApp templates are a complicated world, to make things easier from your, template weaver is here. You can choose to use just Template Weaver, or use Spur for everything WhatsApp & Instagram marketing, signup now!

PS: Thanks to Pero for enabling us to build this amazing tool!

Rohan Rajpal
November 5, 2023
-min read

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