Unveiling the Magic Behind Our Name: Spur, Not Meetspur, Nor Spurchat!

Rohan Rajpal
October 25, 2023
-min read
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Uncovering a brand's name often unfolds a story. In our case, it’s a tale of a slight misinterpretation that led to a quirky narrative. Welcome to Spur, your go-to platform for making eCommerce communication magical. While our domain reads, our brand stands alone as Spur. A small confusion led some to call us Meetspur, but hey, we’re all about clear communication here, so let’s set the record straight while diving into the essence of our real name.

The Essence of Spur:

Spur is more than just a name; it embodies our mission to spur growth, engagement, and magic in every interaction between eCommerce brands and their customers. Our suite of tools, from Chat Automation Builder to WhatsApp Catalog & Cart Checkout Link, is crafted to propel your business into a realm of effortless communication and increased sales.

The Domain Dilemma:

When we chose the domain, it was with the idea of inviting businesses to meet the endless possibilities with Spur. However, it added a slight twist to our name, leading to the playful misinterpretation as Meetspur. While it wasn’t intended, we appreciate the creativity it spurred (see what we did there?) among our clientele.

The point at which we were like, lets just make a blog on this

Embracing the Unexpected:

The “Meetspur” notion has opened doors to playful conversations, a testament to the vibrant community we are building. It reflects the essence of our brand, always open to dialogue, clarity, and a little fun along the way. It also gave us a reason to reiterate our brand name, Spur, cementing it further in the minds of our audience.

We also have been called SuperChat two times lol

SEO and Spur - A Dynamic Duo:

As we clarify the air around our brand name, we also take this as an opportunity to enhance our digital footprint. Our SEO efforts are tuned to ensure that when you search for Spur, the magic of seamless eCommerce communication is what you discover. Keywords like “Spur eCommerce communication”, “Spur chat automation”, and “Spur sales growth” lead the pathway to unveiling the magic we offer.

Your Gateway to Spur

Our Help Center:

Getting started with Spur is a breeze, thanks to our comprehensive Help Center. Consider it your one-stop-shop for all things you need to kickstart your journey with us. Our team tirelessly updates it every day to ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips.

Social Channels:

Moreover, stay connected with us on our social channels. Follow us on Twitter, checkout our updates on YouTube, double-tap our updates on Instagram, and network with us on LinkedIn. We love engaging with our community and sharing insights that can spur your business towards success.


So, whether you stumbled upon us through a playful misunderstanding of our name, or have been a part of our journey right from the start, we are here as Spur, committed to making your eCommerce communication seamless and magical. Let’s continue to create waves in the eCommerce sphere, one correct name at a time!

Rohan Rajpal
October 25, 2023
-min read

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